Genealogy Now Online

I am pleased to announce that I have found a way to display the Dastrup family genealogy. Everyone can view the records of those that have passed on. However, you can register for an account to see the family genealogy for everyone. This will be managed closely as to protect the privacy of everyone. I will be trying to continue to update this site as much as possible, and as we get new gedcom files, I will update the genealogy files on this website. Hopefully this will make it easier for everyone to see their genealogy and see how they tie into this great family.

Should you have any questions, please email me at gborcherds AT (you will need to obiviously replace the AT with @, but because of spammers I put it up that way)

I apologize that this isn’t the most intuitive site, but we might be able to work on it.

Here is the link to view the page: Family

Please share so everyone can enjoy!
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