Genealogy: Way Cool Features

I have been playing with the genealogy options on our website and have found some way cool things.  Here are a few of my favorite features:


Circle Diagram – I can be in the center and see the generations going back. It brings a whole new visual to genealogy, and what needs to be done.

Relationship Chart – Enter 2 different individuals and see how they are connected. I172 is Jacob Dastrup’s Root Person ID number.* He is my great-great uncle and the chart shows me the exact relationship.

Time Line Chart – I can see myself and add other members to my time line.

Life Span Chart – I can see my own life overlap the life span of other family members.


I can run specific reports and get them in either html format (website) or a downloadable pdf so that I can share it to other people or print. Perfect for printing your pedigree chart!


I can do a basic search with simply a name, advanced search with dates etc or a soundex search. I can use a soundex search when I don’t know how something is spelled and so I type it in the way it sounds. Very handy!

Research Organization

I can keep track of questions or tasks that I have regarding my family history. Like “Need to find birthdate of so-in-so” or “Find a picture of Merrill Dastrup on wedding day” or “Check 1959 City Directory in Pamona, California for so-in-so to see what is listed”.

Family Tree Clipping Cart

While browsing through all this genealogy I can clip specific lines or people to put into my own genealogy program. When you are looking at an individual click the “other button” on the right side and clip to your cart.

Cool stuff. What have you discovered? Tips?

*The program is based off of an imported GedCom file (the most common way of keeping track of genealogy). Each individual in the file has been assigned a Root Person ID. One can use this ID to quickly find individuals. The plan is to have the GedCom file updated periodically as people send in information.

Please share so everyone can enjoy!
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