Ways to Help

Regardless of where you are in life, there are small, simple ways to help out with the Dastrup Family. Here are some ideas:

· Share your ideas for reunions, the website or anything else.  Use the contact tab on the website, email, call, or send a letter. See about page for specific contact information available.

· Send in family dues to help pay for things like the website, reunion, family monument etc. (see the “Family Dues” post)

· Gather family photos, stories etc and send copies of them (preferably digitally) to your line representative or the family history coordinator.

· Record stories about your family – parents, grandparents etc. Utilize the technology (digital voice recorders, video, word processing or simply writing things down) to capture the past while we still have people from it with us. Then send it to your your line representative or the family history coordinator.

· Send current exciting news to your line representative or the family news coordinator (when we get one).

· Become a line representative or volunteer to help with the future reunion.  If we are willing to take pieces of the job it will become easier and easier.

We need:

Line representatives, reunion committee members, family reunion historian, current family news coordinator, genealogist – they sound big but they are actually simple. Contact Shannon Borcherds for details on these opportunities.

As you participate in any way you can, you will feel the excitement of family history!

Please share so everyone can enjoy!
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