Simply Being Aware

Much of family history is simply gathering information. You don’t need to know how it all fits in to help. In a few minutes you could help find someone we didn’t know was missing by simply by being aware!

Be Aware

  • Be familiar with family names and places Dastrups have settled in the past or present. Review the genealogy section of the website. You don’t need to know who or what goes where. Just be aware of the names.
  • As you go on trips (in the US or around the world) notice family names or places along the way.  Notice signs of stores, advertisements or names of towns.
  • As you browse the internet pay attention to links or search results that have familiar names or places.

When you see a family name or place somewhere:

  • Document it – OUT IN THE FIELD – Take a picture of the sign, write where you found it and the date. ONLINE – If you’re in a rush, bookmark the page so you can return and save the story/article as a PDF later.  Or save it right then and there.
  • Check it out – OUT IN THE FIELD – Go into the shop with the family name you saw or plan to come back later. Ask questions about the history of the place. Sometimes small shops have pictures of the original owner. Get as much info as possible. ONLINE – Read the article. See if there are links to other stories or articles with familiar names. Bookmark/Save those also.
  • Send it in – Send the picture or story/article to your line representative or the family genealogist via email or regular mail. Even if you don’t know how the person or article fits into the family don’t worry – you don’t have to piece it all together. Just send the info.

**If it ends up not being connected to the family, then at least we’ll know. For instance, I found the above image online (Hans Dastrup animator). I don’t know how or if he fits into the family but at least now we know about it and can find out.


If you see something on the family website that from you understanding is incorrect, send an email to the site about it with a statement of documentation such as:

  • “This spelling was on the person’s grave stone in Sigurd. I saw it when I was there in 1997.”
  • “I have a family journal written by so-in-so who says the name was spelled this way.”
  • “My grandmother (so-in-so) said it was this date that so-in-so died.”
  • “I found in the 1920 census that so-in-so lived in this town at the time.”
  • “I have a picture that shows that so-in-so was a baby when so-in-so looked to be a teenager.”

This way we can get sources and make sure everything is accurate.

Please share so everyone can enjoy!
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