DVD – The Life History of Hans Lorentz Dastrup Sr.

          At the Reunion in Sigurd, the Arda Jean Christensen family decided to let people have copies of the DVD by giving a $5 donation to the Dastrup Family Organization.
           This is used in part to help defray the cost of the Monument erected and dedicated in the Sigurd Cemetery, to the Pioneers of Sigurd, in particular Hans Lorentz Dastrup who is buried in that Cemetery.  It was a wonderful Reunion, and well attended.
           The DVD, entitled “200th Anniversary Edition, 1813-2013:  The Life History of Hans Lorentz Dastrup” was a family effort from the children and grandchildren of Don and Arda Jean [Warnock] Christensen.  Arda Jean, great granddaughter of Hans Lorentz, conceived the idea.  Jolene Christensen Dew, our daughter, historian and author of several books and DVDs, did the research, wrote the history, and collected the pictures.  Paul Warnock, Arda Jean’s brother, now nearly 80 years old, read the narration.  Christina Dew Myers, Jolene’s daughter, did the electronic publishing, correlating the narration, the pictures, and the background music, making it into a beautifully crafted DVD.  Melanie Clark, daughter of our daughter Rachel Christensen Clark, designed and assembled the printed album cover as well as the title arrangement on the DVD disc itself.    Don M Christensen funded the entire project, and donated the proceeds to the Dastrup Family Organization.  It truly is a treasure.
         We are honored to be descended from this noble pioneer and are proud to make this historical and memorial presentation of his life, along with his two wives, all three faithful, dedicated immigrants from Denmark. They came for the gospel’s sake, gathering with the faithful to make their Zion homeland in the desert of Utah.
          With love for the Dastrup heritage, and the legacy of our courageous pioneer forebears, we are pleased to offer this tribute in their memory and to offer our continued determination to live up to that faith, heritage and legacy.  May this history inspire all of us to do so!
          To receive your copy, please send a check for your donation of $5 for each copy desired [made out to “Dastrup Family Organization”]  to

Susan Warnock
1649 Trevino Road
Sandy, Utah 84092

          When we receive your donation check, we will mail you the number of copies you desire.  We will forward all donations to the Dastrup Family Organization.
Thank you for your interest.
Arda Jean Christensen
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