Birthday Cake for Hans Lorentz Dastrup Sr.

Below is Amelia Carbine’s post on her website about the incredible cake she made for our reunion.

Hans Lorentz Dastrup Sr.’s birthday was October 13, 1813.

The cake took 3 years of thinking, 3 months of planning and 3 weeks of constant work to make. Even into the wee hours of the night.  No one had the guts to cut the cake besides Amelia and her husband, Bobby, so he began the dismantling of this masterpiece. Amelia’s son, whose birthday it also was, had the rightful honors of getting the first piece since he didn’t get a birthday cake of his own. :) The cake tasted as amazing as it looked. Half was chocolate the other was apple strudel. BIG thanks to Amelia, her family and Judy Dastrup’s kitchen for making this happen!

CakeFu Post on Reunion Cake

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