New Dastrup Genealogy Website

John Black & his grandson, Joseph, have been working hard to create a website for Dastrup genealogy and family history.
It will also be a place to get tips on how to do genealogy and family history. his site will be a link from our main Dastrup website.
Click on the Genealogy menu item above or type in the address
Dastrup Family Genealogy Home Page picture
There will be new videos and family information added as we start getting feedback from family members. Family
members click on the “Introduction” bar at the top of the website welcome page to obtain hints for navigating the website.
The initial objective of this website is to support family members in uploading, at a minimum, one photo and one story for at least two or three generations of Hans Lorentz’s descendants on the LDS FamilySearch Tree website. The family line representatives will be responsible for monitoring the progress of their respective line.
John will be available to help in all aspects, including scanning photos and articles, loading information, etc. (Line representatives will get a more detailed email regarding how to do this.)
We need all of your help to make this a successful location to find Dastrup information. Send questions, comments, information, pictures (hard copy or digital), stories, video, articles etc to John.
Thank you in advance and thank you to John & Joseph for their wonderful efforts.
Shannon Borcherds -DFO President
John Black – DFO Genealogy Leader
To email click the “Contact” button at the top of the welcome page on the genealogy website.
John Black
1512 Robertson Drive
Crestwood, Ky. 40014
Phone (502) 222 5247
Please share so everyone can enjoy!
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