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In order to keep our family organization alive, DFO officers have suggested the creation of the following committees and ways to help. We all know that life is busy and times and seasons change. So will the measure of our involvement in extended family. Know that anything can be worked out and time commitment is dependent on you. Communication is the key.

Please let Shannon Borcherds know if you are interested in being on one of these committees. Please include your contact info (email, phone, address) and best form of contact so the committee chair can coordinate meetings.    Shannon Borcherds: [email protected]  760-799-0087 (Email or text is best)


Chair: Renita Dastrup

Renita Dastrup

Service is a universal way to connect and build relationships. This committee would organize Dastrup family members in service efforts across the world.

Holds periodic meetings (ie skype) to plan, prepare and share.


  • At Reunion – put together kits for a specific group
  • Pre-Reunion – Online auction to raise money for reunion service project (kits) and/or a family cause (something close to heart – family member in need etc). People do what they can. Auction items or services provided by family members for each other.
  • Yearly (bi?) Dastrup Service Project World Wide – gather with other family members in area (if possible – even Denmark?) and do service on specific day. Work side by side physically and in spirit.
  • Family History service day. Everyone spend 15 min on a specific day uploading something to FamilySearch.
  • Family Temple Day? People go to temple on same day.


Chair: John Dastrup

John Black

There are only 5 people left who grew up in Sigurd. We need to get them together and on video telling stories about pictures. (John, Mac, Arta Jean, Morris, Irva). Fly them somewhere and spend a few days recording everything. Prep info for reunion.

This committee would facilitate this meeting and other efforts to preserve stories, pictures and heirlooms before they are gone. Efforts would include obtaining pictures, stories etc from family members, scanning pictures and papers, transcribing verbally recorded stories, taking pictures of artifacts and uploading such items to FamilySearch for all to access.

Holds periodic meetings (ie skype) to plan, prepare and share.


Chair: Shannon Borcherds

Shannon Borcherds

This committee plans, prepares and runs all aspects of the reunion. Activities, family history displays, lodging, food, location, supplies etc.

Next Reunion (official announcement to come):

  • July 15 & 16 (back up July 1, 2 – depending on if can get the park)
  • Either Timpanogos Park or Canyon Glen Park, Utah (Provo Canyon – 45 min from Salt Lake Air Port – plenty of lodging & camping near by)


Help find “lost” cousins by encouraging people to update their contact info on the family website. You can also look at family lines and find names that we don’t know anything about: married, kids, where live etc. Some lines we have no idea where people are and our records end a few generations ago.


Line Representatives encourage/receive/consolidate stories, pictures etc from family members in their line and pass them on to the family history or genealogy coordinator. They also aid in finding unconnected members of the Dastrup Family in their line. They follow up with members of their line to make sure they are receiving information from the organization.


These are volunteers nominated and voted on at family reunions. Positions include president, vice president, secretary/treasurer, assistant treasurer, communication specialist, newsletter & website content specialist, genealogy leader, family history leader & website manager. Click here to see the specific descriptions of each officer.


Do you have any thoughts of how people can help, in small or large ways? Every little bit helps. Contact Shannon Borcherds if you have other ideas. [email protected] 760-799-0087

Please share so everyone can enjoy!
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