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Dear family member,

John DastrupA little over a year ago, an e-mail was sent to all Dastrup family members asking them to select at least one photo and story of Hans Lorenz Dastrup’s descendants in their family line and upload them to the newly created LDS FamilySearch Tree website. Unlike commercial genealogy software, which is undependable and costly, the LDS FamilySearch Tree was selected because it is free and will be maintained by the church for all generations of time. Being a church member is not a requirement to subscribe.

In support of this endeavor, www.dastrupfamilygenealogy.org/support website was originally created and contained information and videos to assist family members in becoming familiar with the structure and features FamilySearch Tree had to offer. In addition to these videos, the web site was designed to provide links for accessing all of Hans Lorentz Dastrup’s children’s genealogy charts, etc. so families could begin to become familiar with the va rious family lines.

Family members have done a tremendous job adding photos of their relatives to FamilySearch. Stories have been lacking, but I’m sure that will change over time.

With the successes we have had over the past year, it has become necessary to make some changes to the www.dastrupfamilygenealogy.org/support website: First, all introductory videos stored under the “Tag” section were removed. They now are in the process of being replaced by copies of posts family members have uploaded to individuals in their family line that might be of interest to anyone accessing the website. Books and publications germane to the early years in Sevier county and information regarding FamilySearch enhancements are also being included. This will be a on-going endeavor and I invite all family members to contribute posts and photos they feel others would be interested in.

Second, on the right side of the main screen you will see a list of all Hans Lorentz Dastrup’s children. When you click on a person, you will be presented with a “Category” screen. Again click on the person’s name and you will see a short bio and life events. On this page you will see a green “See FamilySearch Tree” bar. When you click on this bar you will be presented a sign-on form for FamilySearch. Sign on and you will arrive at that persons FamilySearch pedigree chart. You only need to sign on once time for each computer session. Once you become familiar with this process, you will find it a great segway to all Dastrup family lines which will enable you to become more familiar with your family overall.

I’m sure there are family members who are not familiar with FamilySearch. For those of you, over the past year, the LDS Church has developed an entire series of aids to assist new members to enroll and get familiar with the system. You can find these training aids at www.familysearch.org/ask/#tree/ I encourage you to keep up the fine work. If I can be of any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me by clicking the “Contact Author” bar at the top of the support website front page.


John BlackJohn Black

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