Service Project for Reunion – Care Packages for Military

We will be doing a service project at our reunion on Saturday July 16. Our military over seas sure misses some comforts of home and don’t have much to do during down time. So, we’re going to put together care packages and send them to a military base in Iraq (details of the base are coming).

Here is a brief description of what it is like.

“They have a small PX and a small DFAC (store and chow hall) on base.  They are able to get things like toothpaste, shampoo and deodorant, chapstick, etc., although everything is pretty much limited to one brand.  Sending it would help them not have to buy it if you would like to do that.   They have cooks who cook all their meals.  It is a lot of boxed-type and freezer food and they don’t use a lot of seasoning, so it is pretty bland.  They don’t have a lot of sweets.  They usually get freezer burnt ice cream once a week.  🙂   He said they have access to things like hot sauce and condiments.  What they don’t have that people would really like is BBQ sauce.  Also, they don’t get cereal.  The soldiers miss cereal (especially things like granola, frosted mini wheats, ones like that that are filling and not pure sugar – although those are fun sometimes, too.)”

Please start gathering things as you can to bring to the reunion if you are able. If coming from out of town and you can’t bring stuff, you can donate via paypal on our website and specify that it is for the service project.

You can also send money donations to our treasurer Susan Warnock.
1649 Trevino Road
Sandy, Utah 84092

We will use the donated funds to either buy stuff after or pay for the shipping.

Here are some suggested items. We will also be writing thank you cards to include in the packages.


Cereal  (the sturdier the cereal, the better it does in shipping.  Flakes just crumble)

BBQ sauce

Packages of cookies and crackers ( Once again, the sturdier they are, the better they ship – Oreos, Nutter Butters, Famous Amos, PB crackers, wheat thins, etc. are great)


Granola Bars (not covered in chocolate or PB – it melts)

PB and Peanut M&M’s (or any kind)


Werther’s caramels (hard)

Other hard candies

Fruit snacks


Nut candy bars  (like Payday, Munch)


Things with chocolate in it but not on it









ITunes gift cards (some can watch movies etc on devices if they have them)

And really, anything you would like to send would be great.

Don’t bring things covered in chocolate. It will melt. But sending things with chocolate in it would work.

You could get games, puzzles etc from places like DI or the dollar store. If DI check to make sure they have all the pieces. Or go through your own stuff and see what you don’t use anymore.

You could also see if people you know or small companies connections would be willing to donate items. I’m hoping to hit up a few companies to see if they have any donation policies. I will be getting the details of the base soon, which may help in securing a donation. If you’d like that info to help with company donations let me know.

We will assemble the supplies people bring in care packages and write thank you notes at the reunion.


Shannon Borcherds

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