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The key to keeping this wonderful organization alive is to have as many family members involved as possible. We are all in different stages of life, but each one of us can contribute in some way. Please share your comments, suggestions and ways you would like help by using the contact tab above.

The Dastrup Family Organization was incorporated in 1927. The object of the DFO is to perpetuate genealogy of the Family lines by:

  • Cementing ties of fellowship and kinship between living members of the Family.
  • Maintaining Family unity through frequent association in a social manner.
  • Compiling an acceptable record of Family descendants and ancestors.
  • Unifying all genealogical, historical and biographical research attendant to the compiling of an acceptable Family record.
  • Pooling the resources and efforts of the members of the Family so that the history and genealogy of our ancestors may be passed on to all descendants.

Next Reunion: July 13, 2013 in Sigurd, Utah. Bicentennial of Hans Lorentz’s Birthday.