Current Representatives

Line Representatives receive/consolidate stories, pictures etc from family members in their line and pass them on to the family history coordinator. They also aid in finding unconnected members of the Dastrup Family. ** if you do not have a current line representative please send pictures or information to the family history coordinator or the president.

Hans Lorentz Jr. (1845-1916) – Sharlyn Dastrup (Utah)

Peter (1863-1941) – Therin L. Dastrup (Arizona)

“I was born and raised in Southern California.  I served a mission in Uruguay, and married Nancy Coker a year after returning.  I graduated from BYU with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and obtained a job as a computer programmer for an aerospace company in California.  After 17 years with that company, I was hired as an avionics systems engineer with Honeywell and we moved to Arizona in 1992.  We have three daughters, and two sons: Kristal, Amber, Tawny, Brandon, and Dustin.”

Jacob (1865-1951) – Gerald Dastrup (Utah)

John (1867-1941) – John E. Black (unknown)

Ole (1869-1926) – Brent H. Dastrup (unknown)

Sophia (1873-1947) – Gary L. Klumker (unknown)

Annie Marie (1875-1928) – not represented

Ephraim (1878-1928) – Byron C. Dastrup (unknown)

Camilla (1880-1939) – not represented

Emma (1882-1969) – Kevin B. Jense (unknown)