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Scan, Save & Share


Scan, Save & Share While living here in Seattle for the summer, I went to the Public Library and chatted with some genealogists, just because. Photos & slides are deteriorating quickly. So get them scanned. Here’s what I learned. Suggestions from a Genealogist   Scanning your pictures and family documents are the best way to […]

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Sourcing Your Stuff


How do you know that great aunt so-in-so really died on April 3 when you heard it was April 4? Where did your cousin find that awesome picture of your grandma? What is a source? Anything that tells you information. Report card, insurance policy, newspaper, journal, family conversation, art work, certificates, contracts. Why do I […]

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Register for Genealogy: How to


There has been some confusion on how to register to get full access to the genealogy pages. First, I’ve added a link to get to it up in the top right corner. Second, you will need to remember that you should register twice, once for this site and once for the genealogy site. This is […]

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