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I Got Sucked In!


I was intimidated with the new  I’d heard it was confusing and couldn’t do certain things (though I didn’t know what things those were). I decided to start by watching some brief tutorials, just to wet my feet. Then I read through “Common Questions” before even signing on to the site.  I found it […]

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Danish Ancestry – Reunion 2010

Dastrup story telling

By Rachel Porter — My new husband and I were a little unsure whether we wanted to dedicate an entire day to some family reunion. But I felt that even though it was a bit inconvenient, it was important to stay connected to relatives and learn more about my family roots. So we went. This […]

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Rewriting the Persevering Pilgrimage


By Evelyn Dastrup Miller — It has been suggested to me, being your average, LDS, person-on-the-street member of the family, that I share some thoughts on this web site about my “experiences” in doing genealogy. When this was suggested, I said, “Sure. When I have some experiences I’ll let you know.” “Write about that aspect, […]

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