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Simply Being Aware


Much of family history is simply gathering information. You don’t need to know how it all fits in to help. In a few minutes you could help find someone we didn’t know was missing by simply by being aware! Be Aware Be familiar with family names and places Dastrups have settled in the past or […]

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Identify Your Main Goal and Set Plans


First, Identify what your main goal is. I’ll use “I want/need to do family history”; a broad, basic statement. Eventually we’ll break this down and create mini-goals to help you accomplish the big goal. But first it helps to anticipate what the big goal may entail and then make plans accordingly. So, after identifying your […]

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Intro to a Series on Setting Goals


There are so many things I know I should be doing and in some cases really want to be doing. Being the lazy-like procrastinator that I am, I have a hard time sticking to good habits and doing even fun projects. I ask myself “Why don’t I want to work on a slideshow when I […]

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